11th October 2011


I don’t know what to say!

I trust me, myself, and i! Idc about anyone else!

25th September 2011


I’m so happy!

I get to see Dray on Tuesday! Were going to chill in the park then go eat chilli cheese fries then go for a swim and just have fun! Can’t wait

23rd September 2011


I’m dying

I feel sick and idk what to do about it and my baby isn’t here to take care of me!

19th September 2011


I don’t care what ANYONE says!

I love bruno mars and Adele!

17th September 2011


I feel so hurt right now!

A part of me feels like crying I’m like inches away from loosing my car! I just don’t want to go crazy yet! Maybe before the night is over ill cry all my pains and sorrows away..

12th September 2011

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Rihanna’s Cousins Have Completely Lost It


Believe it or not, Rihanna’s cousins want her to get back together with Chris Brown. Nicola Alleyne and Noella Alleyne spoke to The Enquirer recently and they say that even though Chris made a mistake, they feel like both him and Rihanna should rekindle their romance because he’s “nice”. Maybe Chris is a changed man now, I don’t know, but for Rihanna’s actual cousins to say something like this after he bashed her up? Ugh stupid freaking idiots!

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12th September 2011



ADELE is the best female artist ever!!

10th September 2011


Its all over!

Me and my babe got into a fight,well the biggest fight we ever gotten in to! I think this time were forsurly done. I honestly love adrian but I’m not going to put up with his bullshit anymore! He thinks its always me when he is involved as well! At this point I really don’t care anymore because ima do me and look for another guy to date so I’m done! NEXT CHAPTER|

8th September 2011


National kiss day

I miss my babe more then anyone else in the world :(..

6th September 2011



Ive been using this site for about a week now and I have no follwers..Follow me and ill follow back!

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